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C-Series to S-Series Cross Reference

These charts are also available in PDF Format: pdfC to S-Series Cross Reference PDF (189k)


The Johanson Technology (JTI) C-Series capacitor product line does not meet the Reduction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) specification because these products contain a small amount of Cadmium (Cd). Because of this, we are phasing out the C-Series product line in 2005. We suggest that all customers quickly transition to the JTI S-Series capacitor product line because this line is completely RoHS compliant. We will support customers throughout this transition period.

The C-Series capacitors can be identified by the seventh (7th) letter in the part number. Any part number with a "C" in the 7th position, is a C-Series product. For further clarifications on JTI C-Series part numbering, please click here. JTI Products with any other letter or number in the 7th position are not affected by this change.

The S-Series parts will drop in where the C-Series parts have been used previously, and in addition, the S-Series parts will exhibit superior ESR/Q characteristics. The 0402, 0603, and 0805 size cross references are shown on the following pages.

Capacitance values in between those shown here are all available in S-Series parts, as they were previously with C-Series parts.

This guide provides the necessary information to derive an equivalent Johanson Technology S-Series part number from a C-Series part number. There may be small differences in characteristics such as SRF, and in addition the superior ESR/Q of the S-Series may require re-tun-ing of the application for optimum performance. Critical characteristics should be evaluated on an in circuit basis and be specified in a source control drawing.

@ = tolerance
# = packaging












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