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AWR MWO Libraries

mwo Instructions for use:
  1. Start up your AWR Microwave Office software.
  2. Go to the "Elem" tab.
  3. Double click on "XML Libraries"
  4. Double Click on "*AWR web site"
  5. Double click on "Parts by Vendor"
  6. Double Click on "Johanson"
  7. Double click on the type of component desired
  8. Double click on the sub-series of that component type.
  9. In the component window in the lower left hand corner, locate the specific part desired, then drag this component over to the schematic window while holding down the left-hand mouse button during the entire process.
  10. Release the mouse button to see the outline of the component in the schematic window. It may take a few seconds for the part to appear. When the location of this component is as desired within the window, click the left mouse button again to place the component.
  11. To view the specification sheet for the component, place the cursor over the component located in the component window in the lower left hand corner. Next click the right-hand mouse button, and choose "Element Help". You will be led to a page on the Johanson Technology site where you can link to the individual specification sheets or the individual S-Parameter file.
  12. To view the S-Parameter file in the MWO software, click on the "Proj" tab, and then double click on the specific part number located under the schematic name located in the "Circuit Schematics" folder as shown in the MWO software.
  13. To view the layout drawing, click on the "Layout" tab, double click on the size or the part number root for the specific part shown in the list of layouts. Alternatively, double click on the component as it appears on the schematic window, then choose the "Layout" tab in the window that appears.

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