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The following table lists the individual parts. Click on a part number below for complete information in PDF format. Use the search link to check the stock of the selected part
Product Life Cycle Status Definitions
Impedance-Matched Highly Integrated Ceramic Passive Component for Atheros Qualcomm AR6004 Chipset
Part NumberFrequency (MHz)Impedance Unbalanced (ohms)Differential Balanced Imp.Insertion
Loss (max)
Amp. Diff.Phase DifferenceProduct Life
Cycle Status
S-ParamSearch Stock
2450PC14A0017 2400 ~ 2500 50 Conjugate match
to AR6004
3.8dB -1.5 +/- 2.0 180°±15° MOQ_REQ S-Param
Contact Johanson Technology
5150 ~ 5850 2.6dB 0±2@ 5.15GHz
-4.0±2@ 5.85GHz
-135±20@ 5.15GHz
165±20@ 5.85GHz

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