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Environmental Characteristics

Bond Strength Exceeds MIL-S-883, Meth. 2011 Vibration: MIL-S-202, Meth. 204-G, (30g, 10-2000 Hz)
Shear Strength Exceeds MIL-S-883, Meth. 2019 Burn-In/Life Test: MIL-S-202, Meth. 108, A/F
Solder Heat Resistance
MIL-S-202, Meth. 210-C, (260±5°C, 5 sec.) Low Voltage Humidity: Mil-C-49464, Para. 3.17
Solderability: MIL-S-202, Meth. 208, (245±5°C, 5 sec.) Barometric Pressure: MIL-S-202, Meth. 105, B
Shock: MIL-S-202, Meth. 213-I, (100g, 6 msec.) Immersion/Salt Spray: MIL-S-202, Meth. 104, B
Thermal Shock:
MIL-S-202, Meth. 107, A, (-55 to +125°C) Moisture Resistance: MIL-S-202, Meth. 106


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