Storage Sensitive Material Technical Note and Soldering profile for components with Silver Leads/Pads

This technical note applies to components that require storage in Vacuum Sealed Bags due to Silver Platinum (AgPt) terminations or contacts.

Silver Leaded components should not be exposed to moisture and air contaminants, such as sulfur and chlorine, which may adversely affect device solderability and electrical performance
The appearance of lead/pad tarnish can range from a slight discoloration of the leads to leads turning completely black.
Vacuum packaging is mandatory if device soldering will not occur within 168 hours after opening the Johanson Technology vacuum pack. If cumulative exposure outside a vacuum sealed container is 168 hours or longer, it may adversely affect the components’ solderability and electrical performance; therefore, AgPt leaded parts require vacuum sealing during periods of storage. It is recommended that a control log of exposure to air be maintained.
As preventative measure, a desiccant is placed at the bottom corner of every vacuum sealed bag at time of shipment.
A Caution label (Figure 1) is placed on the outside of the vacuum bag and on the reel to make the user aware of the special handling and storage conditions.
The shelf life of the packaged component is 18 months

Silverlead Caution message

Soldering Profile:
Typical Soldering Profile for Solderable Silver (Ag) Terminated Components:**

solder profile graph

**Johanson Technology’s P/N’s with Solderable silver Terminations. For a list of applicable part numbers go to:

**Johanson Technology's P/N's with Solderable Silver (Ag/Pt) Terminations requiring Vacuum Packaging
0200FA18A0200 0300LA15A0300 0400FA15A0400 0400FA18A0400
0400LP15A0100 0433BM15A0001 0866BL15C200 0868BM15C0001
0869LD14A1810 0869LD14E1810 0870CF16A1810 0892DP15A1940
0892DP15B1850 0892DP15C1940 0892FB15A0100 0892LP07A0136
0896BL14B050 0896BM15A0001 0896BM15A0025 0896BM15B0016
0898BM15A0002 0900BL15A100 0900BL15C050 0900LD14B2450
0915BM15A0001 0953BM15A0001 1000ED18A0001 1200BP44A575
1200LP41B0500 1200LP41C0500 1400BP41A0550 1810BP07B200
1810BP07C200 1900HP41B0500 1900HP41C0500 2025LP15A1225
1905BP18A0050 1906BP18C027 1906BP39B027 2450BM07A0004
2345FB39A0050 2350FB39A0050 2450BL07A0100 2450BM15A0015
2450BM07A0004 2450BM14_0007 2450BM14A0004 2450BP14C0100
2450BM15B0009 2450BP07A0100 2450BP08A0100 2450BP15D0100
2450BP14D0100 2450BP14E0100 2450BP14F0100 2450BP15J0100
2450BP15E0100 2450BP15F0100 2450BP15G0100 2450BP15U0100
2450BP15K0100 2450BP15P0100 2450BP15Q0100 2450BP39D100E
2450BP15V0100 2450BP39D100B 2450BP39D100C 2450FB15A0100
2450BP39F100 2450DP15R5400 2450DP15S5400 2500FB39A0050
2450HP15A100 2500BP15M400 2500FB16A0400 3350BP39A0500
2595FB16A0100 2595FB39A0050 2600BP14M0200 3550FB39B0050
3500FB16A0100 3500FB39A0050 3550BP14A0500 5375BP15A0950
3600BP14M0600 3600BP14N0600 3600BP15M600  2450BM08B0003
5400BP14A0950 5425BP15A1050 5525BP15B0750