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Antenna Bandwidth Expansion Guideline

This technical note is also available in PDF Format: pdfAntenna Bandwidth Expansion Guideline(154k)


Method for bandwidth expansion for chip antennas:

2450AT18B100 Bandwidth with original Eval board: 100MHz

Bandwidth Expansion


Layout with additional "elbow" to GND:


(A) Evaluation board

Additional Elbow


(B) Detailed land pattern with dimensions (+ 2 variables)

Detailed land pattern with dimensions



Return loss measurement (variables a and b dependent)

Return Loss Measurement


Bandwidth Summary with PIFA type. Table-1
Case New Bandwidth ( S11 Frequency Range
1=5mm, b=3.25mm
H-direction_1 PIFA
220 MHZ 2.32 ~ 2.54GHz
a=3mm, b=2.25mm
H-direction_3 PIFA
230 MHz 2.32 ~ 2.55GHz

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