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How to Simulate Johanson Technology Baluns in GENESYS 2009.04

This technical note is also available in PDF Format: pdfSimulate Johanson Technology Baluns in GENESYS 2009.04 (274kb)
You can also download the WSX format file: pdfSimulating_Johanson_Technology_Baluns.wsx (1.17Kb)
How to Simulate Johanson Technology Baluns in GENESYS 2009.04
Tony Guilin
RF Applications Engineer
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If import was successful, a dataset named 2450BM15A0002.s3p is now in the workspace tree
  • Using Parts Selector A
    • 3-Port Data File (S-Parameter)
      • THR
    • Transformer. Parameters: Primary, Secondary, Conditioning Factor
      • TRF
    • Center-Tapped Transformer. Parameters: Primary, Top Secondary, Bottom Secondary
      • TRFCT
  • Double Click on 3-Port Data File Block
  • Click on Advanced Option (bottom left)
  • In the Simulation tab, select the “Use Dataset”radio button
  • Adjust the number of ports to 3 from the drop down menu
  • Ensure the Port Dataset is the 2450BM15A0002.s3p
  • Verify screenshot next slide
  • Should look something like this:
  • Click “OK”in SP1 Properties
  • Create a variable “load_imped”
  • Use ‘conj’to conjugate and implement in port 3
  • Double Click on T2
    • Change “P”value to 2 and OK out
  • Double Click on T1
    • Select “Use Default”for P, OK out
  • Plotting S11, S21 and S22
  • Using Johanson Technology s-data, a differential signal has been transformed into a single ended signal referenced to ground. Parameters such as insertion loss and filtering is represented by the s-parameter file which is extracted from a production part.

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