0805 (QCCT) C-Series, NPO, Low ESR Capacitor Multi-Layer High-Q Capacitors (New Product Release)

Johanson is proud to announce the new C-Series High Frequency Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors. These ultra-low loss capacitors are made with Copper electrodes, instead of Palladium and Silver, making them less subject to the price volatility of precious metals. Therefore, prices for these low ESR capacitors will be more stable over time. Available in three cases sizes (0402, 0603, 0805), this series features an enhanced ESR of over 1.5GHz, and was developed with two key design criteria - reliability and lot-to-lot RF consistency. Applications include low power RF, smart metering, RF remote control, broadband wireless equipment, cellular base station equipment, RF matching and filter networks and RF microwave test equipment.

Key Features:
  • Standard EIA Size: 0805 (2012 mm)
  • Capacitance Range 0.3 pF to 220 pF
  • Ultra Miniature Size
  • Used in Portable Electronics
  • Lowest ESR in Class
  • High Self-Resonance Frequencies
  • Exhibits NP0 (COG) temperature characteristics
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Automotive version available
  • Temperature range is -55° C to +150° C*.
    *On request, we can extend the highest temperature to +150° C for any of our high-Q series
Circuit Applications:
  • High Frequency Communications
  • Portable wireless products
  • Battery powered products
  • Zigbee, 802.11
  • All wireless applications
  • Mobile phone
  • Smart phones
  • WiFi
  • Satellite
  • Optical
  • Sensors
  • All areas Medical
  • Military
  • Industrial
  • Automotive
C-Series Basic Construction image
We are compiling the detailed data for this product line. More information will be posted soon

How to Order

Valid options are shown except for Capacitance
A typical PN is QCCT501Q111F1GV001B. This part number breaks down as follows:

High-Q MLC C-Series, 0805, Hi-Q NP0/C0G, 25V, 10pF±1%, Ni/Au (RoHS), Bulk

New Johanson Global Part Number Breakdown

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