Download JTIsoft® Modeling Software Version 2.0

JTISoft Ver 2.0 (64/32-Bit) - Released September 28, 2010

  • Our new 64-bit JTI Soft Version 2.0 was designed for Windows 7, Vista and backwards compatible.
  • JTISoft v2.0 is a free downloadable software package that contains two embedded programs: MLCSoft 2.0 for Capacitor Modeling and MLISoft 2.0 for Inductor Modeling.
  • This new software package has the benefit of running on newer operating systems out in the market and on 64-bit machine systems.
  • Some of the updates included on JTISoft 2.0 are characterization of new, superior-performing ceramic materials and an array of different termination (contacts) styles to suit our customers’ needs.
  • These new materials make our capacitor line performance meet and exceed the current market’s passive component needs. Furthermore, our never-ending materials research make our High-Q and Ultra High-Q SMT devices price competitive giving the best RF price and performance for the value.