Complete Archive of S-Series Files (.zip)

Series-Through Fixture Measured Over FR-4 PCB:

The S-Parameters files for these parts are measured by a HP8720C Vector Network Analyzer with an Intercontinental Microwave SERIES-through test fixture. The body of the part is over 50 mil thick FR-4. The signal is launched to/from the part with Alumina microstripline.

Here are pictures of the fixture used:

TRL* de-embedding is used.


Individual Files:
File Name Size Value Download
R14S0R2-FR-4-SER.s2p R14 0.2 download
R14S0R4-FR-4-SER.s2p R14 0.4 download
R14S0R5-FR-4-SER.s2p R14 0.5 download
R14S0R6-FR-4-SER.s2p R14 0.6 download
R14S0R7-FR-4-SER.s2p R14 0.7 download
R14S0R8-FR-4-SER.s2p R14 0.8 download
R14S0R9-FR-4-SER.s2p R14 0.9 download
R14S1R2-FR-4-SER.s2p R14 1.2 download
R14S1R3-FR-4-SER.s2p R14 1.3 download
R14S1R5-FR-4-SER.s2p R14 1.5 download
R14S1R8-FR-4-SER.s2p R14 1.8 download
R14S2R0-FR-4-SER.s2p R14 2.0 download
R14S2R2-FR-4-SER.s2p R14 2.2 download
R14S2R4-FR-4-SER.s2p R14 2.4 download
R14S2R7-FR-4-SER.s2p R14 2.7 download
R14S3R0-FR-4-SER.s2p R14 3.0 download
R14S3R3-FR-4-SER.s2p R14 3.3 download
R14S3R6-FR-4-SER.s2p R14 3.6 download
R14S3R9-FR-4-SER.s2p R14 3.9 download
R14S4R3-FR-4-SER.s2p R14 4.3 download
R14S4R7-FR-4-SER.s2p R14 4.7 download
R14S5R1-FR-4-SER.s2p R14 5.1 download
R14S5R6-FR-4-SER.s2p R14 5.6 download
R14S6R2-FR-4-SER.s2p R14 6.2 download
R14S6R8-FR-4-SER.s2p R14 6.8 download
R14S8R2-FR-4-SER.s2p R14 8.2 download
R14S9R1-FR-4-SER.s2p R14 9.1 download
R14S120-FR-4-SER.s2p R14 12 download
R14S150-FR-4-SER.s2p R14 15 download
R14S180-FR-4-SER.s2p R14 18 download
R14S220-FR-4-SER.s2p R14 22 download
R14S240-FR-4-SER.s2p R14 24 download
R14S270-FR-4-SER.s2p R14 27 download
R14S330-FR-4-SER.s2p R14 33 download
R14S360-FR-4-SER.s2p R14 36 download
R14S390-FR-4-SER.s2p R14 39 download
R14S470-FR-4-SER.s2p R14 47 download
R14S560-FR-4-SER.s2p R14 56 download
R14S680-FR-4-SER.s2p R14 68 download
R14S820-FR-4-SER.s2p R14 82 download
R14S101-FR-4-SER.s2p R14 100 download