Product information for 1905BP18A0050



Band Pass Filter
Description:1.9GHz DECT BPF for Europe, US, Canada, China, Japan, and Latin America.
Insertion Loss:1.65
Return Loss:9.5
Attenuation:20dB @ 100-1500MHz
15dB @ 2300-6000MHz
25dB @ 1250-1290MHz
30dB @ 2400-2500MHz
25dB @ 2500-2570MHz
30dB @ 3760-3860MHz
30dB @ 5640-5790MHz
S-Parameter:  1905BP18A0050.s2p
Product Life
Cycle Status:
PROD: Full production component with no MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) Required.
Case Size:1206
Distribution Partners:JTI Mouser Digikey 
Datasheet: 1905BP18A0050