Johanson designs and manufactures a variety of products that have been qualified to AEC-Q200 standards including Antennas, IPCs (Integrated Passive Components), EMI Filters, High-Q Capacitors, and High Voltage Capacitors. These products meet or exceed the reliability expected by automotive manufacturers.

With AEC-Q200 approval, our offerings align seamlessly with the needs of modern automotive applications, including Electric Vehicles (EV) and Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV), and Autonomous Vehicles.

Johanson also provides custom solutions that are optimized to meet unique design requirements.

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automotive applications

Johanson Products and Services for Automotive Designers


  • Small size
  • Detuning Resilience
  • Antenna Design and Tuning Services Available
  • See all AEC-Qualified Antennas (sort table by Automotive parts only)
  • Common Applications: WiFi, Bluetooth, Wireless Battery Management Systems, Wireless Automotive Control Systems

IPCs (Integrated Passive Components)

EMI Filters (X2Y)

  • Small Single Chip Solution
  • Superior Attenuation
  • Balanced EMI Filtering
  • Excellent Solution for Common Mode Noise
  • S21 Plotter- Quickly select different values or sizes to see the response of each configuration.
  • Common Applications: Automated Trunk Closure, Electric Motor, Engine Sensor, Fuel Pump Motor, Power Steering, Power Window, Power Seat, Satellite Radio, Sunroof, Windshield Wipers

High-Q Capacitors

  • Lot-to-Lot RF Consistency
  • EIA Case Sizes 0201 to 3838
  • Designed & Manufactured to Control SRFs
  • S-Parameter Files for Download
  • Common Applications: Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, Lidar/Radar/Sonar, Wireless Phone Chargers, HD Radio, SiriusXM Radio, Cellular Radio

High Voltage Capacitors

  • Safety Certified Capacitors Available
  • DC Voltages from 500 through 6KV
  • Soft Polyterm Available to Reduce Stress
  • Diverse Case Sizes, Voltages and Capacitance Ranges
  • Common Applications: Electronic Power Steering, Fuel Pump, Water Pump.
    For Hybrid and Electric: DC/DC Converters, Regenerative Breaking, Start/Stop System, Electric Drive, Regenerative Breaking, Start/Stop System

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