RF Baluns ( RoHS Compliant)

Johanson Technology RF Baluns (BALanced - UNbalanced) impedance transformers simplify the RF design and secure optimal performance. Some of our baluns encompass an impedance matching network, balun transformer, and filter in a small surface mount package. These features significantly reduce PCB footprint (small), guarantees filtering (FCC/ETSI compliance), and prevents any potential manufacturing variability that discrete L/C designs might have. These 1:1 ratio, 1:2 ratio, 1:4 ratio or custom impedance ration transformers convert differential to 50Ω single-ended RF signals reducing component count, preventing RF variability due to the fact that these balun SMD (100% RF tested before T&R) and offers excellent temperature stability (4ppm stable). AEC-Q200 available.