Full 3D Simulation with Johanson Chip Antennas

Full 3D Simulation with Johanson Chip Antennas

In partnership with ANSYS, Inc., Johanson Technology’s chip antennas are now available in their full 3D electromagnetic splendor when used in HFSS. As long as one has ANSYS HFSS version 18.3 or later, designers can now import or drag and drop the complete EM SMT antenna model into their work space. There’s no need for an NDA or any special permission to obtain these (as it was required before.

Here is the 3-chapter tutorial from CADFEM which will teach the designer how to create the simulation environment, import components, tune the chip antenna to a product, and perform a full simulation (with gain and radiation patterns!). This exercise will provide essential information on your RF design decision in developing the best wireless product possible using an embedded Johanson antenna


Step 1: CADFEM Tutorial Nr. 39 - Simulation of a Johanson Technology chip antenna with ANSYS HFSS
Step 2: CADFEM Tutorial Nr. 40 - Simulation of a Johanson technology chip antenna with ANSYS HFSS
Step 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sSW5KPI7G0w

If you can’t find the HFSS antenna model or p/n you’re looking for, you can request the file directly from us at: Ask a question
Our full list of antennas can be found here: Johanson Antennas