Integrated Passives Part number Explanation

General format is: FFFFPPCCVBBBBT where:
FFFF is the 4 digit Frequency in Megahertz (unless otherwise specified)
PP is the 2 character Product code

AT = Antenna
CP = Coupler
AM = Antenna Module Assembly CF = Coupler Filter
AS = Antenna Switch Module CH = Coupler Hybrid
AD = Dual-Band Antenna DP = Diplexer
BL = Balun FA = Filter Array
BD = Balun, Dual-Band FB = Filter-Balun
BM = Chipset Specific Impedance-Matched Balun or Balun-Filter HP = High Pass Filter
BP = Band Pass Filter LD = Low Pass Filter, Dual-Band
CD = Coupler, Dual Band LP = Low Pass Filter
  NF = Notch Filter (Band-Stop Filter)

CC is the 2-digit Case Size Code (e.g. 07 is EIA 0402, 14 is EIA 0603, 15 is EIA 0805, 18 is EIA 1206)
V is a 1 character Version/Revision code
BBBB is 3 or 4 digit Bandwidth, differential impedance (baluns only), or specific chipset denomination
T is the character tape code:


Tape material Code
Paper Tape standard (EIA 0603 and smaller) T
Embossed Tape standard (EIA 0805 and smaller) E
Paper Tape rotated (non-std, EIA 0603 and smaller)* A
Embossed Tape rotated (non-std, EIA 0805 and smaller)* R

*Only available for selected components, please consult the factor for availability and MOQs that apply



  • 0868AT43A0020E is an 868MHz antenna, case size 43, revision “A” with 20MHz of Bandwidth, embossed tape & reel
  • 2450BM15A0002S is 2450MHz Impedance-matched Balun-BPF, case size 15 (EIA 0805), 100MHz BW, designed for to T.I. CC2530 chipset, bulk (loose) packaging