Johanson Releases Metal-Mounted, ZERO Clearance Antenna

2450AT42E0100 Antenna Chip

First of its kind in a low profile, Johanson Technology releases a metal mounted low profile surface mount chip antenna. This antenna must have metal directly underneath on bottom layer in order to function properly. This antenna was designed in mind for small coin cell, wearable, IoT, 2.4 BLE, 802.11, ISM, Zigbee, etc. applications in close-range networks where metal or a battery/display covers the entire length or side of the PCB or encasement must be present directly under the antenna and there's no room for usual/typical antenna metal clearance, similar to mounting an SMT capacitor or inductor. Samples available starting February 11th. Click here for web-version datasheet: 2450AT42E0100. For full datasheet (qualified customers), please send us a message at: Ask a question.