NordicSemi nRF51X22 CSP BLE chipset Balun Filter

Johanson Technology releases its first LGA ultra-small footprint front-end integrated passive device (nordic CSP chipset balun) for NordicSemi’s nRF51822-CEAA, nRF51822-CDAB, nRF51822-CFAC, nRF51422-CEAA, nRF51422-CDAB, and nRF51422-CFAC chipsets. This component encompasses an impedance matching network, balun, and Band Pass Filter (BPF) in a small, 1.4x1.0x0.69mm LGA surface mount component that significantly reduces PCB space usage for the RF front-end, guarantees filtering (FCC/ETSI compliance), prevents any manufacturing variability. Go to: for the datasheet and gerber files.