Single Layer Capacitor Kits

Our Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitor kits offer the lowest ESR, Highest Q of its class. For best capacitor (size and value) selection we offer a variety of different capacitance combinations in our easy to use pill boxes. The multi-layer ceramic capacitors in these kits can be used for PA matching, output matching networks and perform functions such as RF by-pass, DC block, a discrete coupler, or detector giving you optimum input R.L (VSWR) due to our ultra high Q properties.

RF Component Prototyping Kits

Single Layer Capacitor Kits

GBBL | Broadband Single Layer Capacitors

Broadband Single Layer Capacitors

Contains 10 PCS. EACH of the following capacitor sizes
160U01A271PN4W, 160U01A471MT4W, 160U02A102MT4W, 500U02A471MT4W, 500U03A102MT4W, 160U03A222MN4W, 500U04A152KN4W, 160V02A681MT4W, 160V01A471MT4W, 500V01A101MT4W