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Amazon Sidewalk News Release

Amazon Sidewalk is an exciting new technology that will enable thousands upon thousands of new solutions for making life easier and more convenient. Amazon Sidewalk is an IoT cloud connectivity solution.

Launched in the US this week, this technology allows Bluetooth and LoRa® solutions to link-up to a free-to-connect low data rate nationwide backbone. This disruptive nationwide connectivity infrastructure is a new offering from Amazon.

Johanson is ready to support any Amazon Sidewalk hardware development efforts. Let Johanson help you get your new Amazon Sidewalk solutions to the market faster by providing optimized, embedded RF solutions.

We have developed specific solutions to both key semiconductor companies during their chip development for this new Amazon infrastructure.

Chip Supplier Chip Johanson Matched Filter Frequency Band
Nordic nRF52840 2450FM07B0037001T 2400MHz to 2500MHz
Semtech SX1262 0900FM15D0039001E 902MHz to 928MHz
Semtech SX1262 0900FM15K0039001E 862MHz to 928MHz
Semtech LR1110, LR1120, LR1121 0900PC16J0042001E 868 to 915 MHz and 902-928 MHz
Semtech LR1110, LR1120, LR1121 2000PC15C0040001E 2.4-2.5GHz and 1.6GHz
TI CC1312R 0850BM14E0016001T 770 MHz to 928MHz
TI CC1352 0900PC15A0036001E 862-928MHz and 2400 to 2500MHz
TI CC2652R 2450BM14G0011001T 2400 to 2500MHz
TI CC2652R 2450BM14G0011002T 2400 to 2500MHz

In addition to the above product which simplifies FCC compliance, Johanson offers antenna solutions that solve many integration challenges:

Antenna incorporation can be a challenging part of any new system development. Johanson is a global leader in chip antenna development, manufacturing, and implementation. Our team of talented engineers are ready to support your antenna selection, implementation, and optimization needs for your new IoT Amazon Sidewalk solutions.

Let us know your desired operating frequency, desired RF chip manufacturer, target system size (form-factor) and we will provide a recommended passive RF solution that includes recommended RF filters and antennas.

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