ADS Designer Libraries

In an effort to further reduce our customer's design cycle time, we have developed and provide, free of charge, an extensive set of design libraries. We offer a complete set of design libraries for Keysight ADS, AWR, and Eagleware as well as S-parameter data for many of our components. Our MLC/MLI software outputs s2p files that can be imported into your EM simulator. In addition we now offer scalable board substrate thickness and dielectric constant modeling of our capacitors & inductors thru the collaboration with Modelithics Inc.

Please explore the designer libraries below. If you have futher technical questions, don't hesitate to fill out a technical question form.

New! Keysight EDA ADS Encrypted Chip Antenna Models

By using these new libraries, design engineers can quickly simulate different antenna configurations, environments, and optimize their designs for factors such as gain, bandwidth, radiation pattern, and impedance matching.

Ideal for IoT and RF wireless communication systems.

Download ADS Antenna Models

Keysight ADS Libraries

JTI ADS Libraries are the latest Software Tools designed to give users of Keysight's Advanced Design System simulation software (Ver 1.5 and up) easy access to JTI's Capacitor and Inductor data (S-parameter based ) (and now the Newly Available Band Pass Filters, Low Pass Filter, Antennas, Baluns and Couplers libraries) during simulation runs. Both Schematic and Layout formats are supported.

If you are familiar with JTI's Libraries and have the files listed below, please select an ADS Library on the right. If you are a first time user, please see the help file below.

Thank you for your interest in Johanson Technology!

First Time Users:
Please see installation instructions before proceeding: ADS 2011 version
Updated: May 28, 2013
Legacy ADS Libraries:
Keysight ADS 2000-2009 Libraries
Also, you must download these critical files: smtpal.atf jti.atf

Downloadable ADS Libraries


The models in the RFCC section were prepared with the assistance of Modelithics, Inc using data supplied by Johanson.

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S-Series Caps:
L-Series Caps:
E-Series Caps:
RF Wirewound Inductors: