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New Johanson Part Number Format

Johanson has instituted a new Global Part Numbering schema. This new format was necessary for two reasons. First, because Johanson was out of options for new products and new product variations due to limitations of the old format. Second, because the old format contained special characters, specifically the asterisk, that caused problems in our customers' ERP/MRP/purchasing systems and the new ERP system that Johanson is implementing.
The new global part numbers are produced with the exact same materials, manufacturing processes, manufacturing controls, and testing as the parts supplied with the legacy part numbers in the past. There is no physical change to the parts. The same manufacturing controls that existed in the past will exist moving forward with the new global part numbers. The only thing that is changing is the part number; the products are the same.
The new global part numbers are being phased in over time, ultimately becoming a requirement. The deprecated part number will be phased out.
We anticipate that the deprecated part numbers will be accepted for about 5 years, until 2026.
We will continue to quote and accept orders on the deprecated (legacy) part numbers throughout this period.
We ask customers to revise their drawings/Specs/BOMs to include the new global part numbers. It is not an urgent change, but it does need to get done in the next 5 years.
As of January 1, 2022, all samples provided to customers will be provided only under the new global part numbering format. All quotes for deprecated part numbers made after this date will include both the global part number and the deprecated part number.
A database for the approximate 1.7 million crosses can be accessed at