High-Q Capacitance Matching

Johanson High-Q Capacitance Matching

To use a high-Q capacitor at higher frequencies, a common solution is to replace it with several capacitors that have lower values arranged in a parallel position. For example, a 30pF capacitor can be replaced with three 10pF capacitors.
At Johanson, we have the ability to use capacitors with a wider capacitance tolerance and match them. This leads to a tighter tolerance for the overall capacitance value. For instance, we can use three capacitors at 10pF with a 5% tolerance and match them to get 30pF with a 1% tolerance. The result is an increase in frequency range, while keeping the cost down. We can deliver these matched capacitors in a matched set (small and medium size capacitors), or already mounted in a capacitor assembly (large size capacitors, i.e. 2525 and 3838).

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