Obsolete Products

Obsolete - No longer available. High-Q/Low ESR NPO (COG) multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCC) used primarily as replacements for the higher cost porcelain NPO chips used in wireless products and RF circuits. The Porcelain NPO products are available in standard EIA sizes: 0403, 0504, and 1210, which range in value from 0.2 pF through 1000pF.

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Obsolete - No longer available. The P-Series was developed for HF and VHF communications products and RF power applications where low loss, high current and high voltage capabilities are required.

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Obsolete - No longer available. In our continued commitment to comply with world-wide environmental regulations (I.e. RoHS, REACH, ISO 14001), Johanson Technology sometimes has to make material changes to some of its products. For this reason, some part numbers could enter an “End Of Life” status or complete obsolescence. Please click on the adjacent picture or link below to see which p/ns might be affected.

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Legacy - How to Order Part Numbers breakdowns.

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