Part Number Frequency (MHz) Impedance Unbal./Bal. (ohms) Differential Balanced Imp. Average Insertion Loss when connected to the Si45XX chipset (Active OP) Return Loss (min) Phase Difference S-Param Product Life
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433MHz Impedance Matched Balun + Low Pass Filter Optimized for Silicon Labs (SiLabs): Si4455, Si4460, Si4461, Si4463, and Si4464 chipsets.
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424-444 50 Ω (single ended) Impedance matched to SiLabs Si4455, Si4460, Si4461, Si4463, and Si4464 chipsets 0.9dB Typ@25C 1.5dB max. (-45 to +85C) 15 typ. 9.5 min. 180° ± 10 PROD JTI Mouser Digikey