Modelithics Microwave Global Models

In an effort to further reduce our customer's design cycle time, we have developed and provide, free of charge, an extensive set of design libraries. We offer a complete set of design libraries for Agilent ADS, AWR, and Eagleware as well as S-parameter data for many of our components. Our MLC/MLI software outputs s2p files that can be imported into your EM simulator. In addition we now offer scalable board substrate thickness and dielectric constant modeling of our capacitors & inductors thru the collaboration with Modelithics Inc.

Please explore the designer libraries below. If you have futher technical questions, don't hesitate to fill out a technical question form.

Modelithics® Microwave Global Models

A Microwave Global Model is:

  • Measurement-based: The model fits data measured under typical board design conditions.
  • Part-value scalable: Each model supports a full range of part values, allowing exact solution or discrete optimization.
  • Substrate-scalable: The model supports a wide range of substrate thickness and dielectric constant.

JTI - Microwave Global Models are the latest design tools intended to take advantage of the flexibility and accuracy of Capacitor & Inductor simulations with more control over core design parameters.These global capacitor & inductor models support design optimization by allowing the user to vary board substrate thickness and dielectric constant variation features resulting in much more accurate agreements between computer simulations and actual circuit evaluations.