Announcement! Johanson-Nordic Semiconductor Partnership

Nordic Semiconductor Partnership

Johanson Technology is proud to announce our official partnership with Nordic Semiconductor, a move that enhances the integration of our top-tier components such as miniature antennas and front-end integrated passives with Nordic’s esteemed chipset solutions. This strategic collaboration highlights our commitment to providing superior performance and expanding the capabilities of IoT, industrial, and consumer technologies.

By merging Johanson Technology's expertise in high-quality passive components with Nordic's innovative wireless technologies (Cellular, BLE, Wi-Fi), we are positioned to deliver more robust and efficient solutions that meet the dynamic needs of our customers such as design miniaturization, higher yield at the contract manufacturer (CM), and fast tracking to mass production.

Discover the full benefits of our partnership by visiting our dedicated page at Johanson Technology’s Nordic Semiconductor solutions page. Here, you can learn how our antennas, chipset-specific mini-RF filters, capacitors, and inductors add essential value to Nordic’s chipset solutions in a variety of applications in the Bluetooth and WiFi spaces, ensuring enhanced reliability and functionality across a broad range of applications. This partnership not only improves our product offering but also drives the development of new technologies in the marriage between active and passive wireless communications.

View Nordic Semiconductor's Partnership Announcement.