Johanson Releases Ultra Wide Band + BLE/2.4Gigahertz Diplexer

Johnson Releases Ultra Wide Band + BLE/2.4Gigahertz Diplexer
Security access and asset tracking management has evolved to use Ultra Wide Band (UWB) in combination with Bluetooth Beacon (or other protocols such as Zigbee and WiFi 2.4) in precision positioning for vehicle access or property location. In combination with our 2.4 + UWB antenna part number: 2450AD18A7250 , our new EIA 0603 (1608 metric) diplexer works seamlessly to split the BLE and UWB signal to/from the antenna to their respective chipsets with very low loss of radio frequency (RF) power. We have both commercial and automotive options, part numbers: 2450DP14B7200 and 2450DP14B7200T-AEC respectively.
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