Johanson Technology Unveils a Collaborative LE Audio & Auracast™ Solution, with Nordic Semiconductor

LE Audio & Auracast Solution, with Nordic Semiconductor

The LE Audio and Auracast™ collaborative solution, was driven by the powerful nRF5340 chipset. This innovative, tiny footprint solution tackles the enduring challenge of battery life in Bluetooth audio devices and caters to earbuds, IoT tags, health monitors, and much more! Making LE Audio and Auracast™ the prim solution when size and form factor are at a premium.

The recently released mini-integrated filter is designed to seamlessly integrate the matching and filtering front-end needs of the powerful nRF5340 and is gaining recognition for its miniaturized size and RF efficiency.

Notably, this component is a surface-mounted, SMD mini front-end impedance-matched filter (Low Pass Filter) with a case size of EIA 0202 (0.6x0.5x0.25 metric), marking a significant advancement in wireless audio technology in the smallest PCB footprint possible.

Available for sampling, and mass production quantities!