Power-Q High Voltage RF MLCCs


The P-Series was developed for HF and VHF frequency communication, transmission and specialized applications (military, civil, medical, etc.) where low loss, high current, high voltage capabilities are required. The high Purity Type 1 dielectric material and special electrode construction make them ideally suited for tuning and impedance matching applications where temperature rise from RF current flow is minimized to increase reliability. Offered in chip or leaded form to meet a wide variety of design applications.

  • HF-VHF (10-100 MHz)
  • Transmission HF-VHF
  • Antenna Tuning
  • Impedance Matching
  • Induction Heating
  • Filters
Power-Q High Voltage RF Caps

Capacitance/Voltage Selection

Series Resonance chart

Environmental Characteristics

Power-Q High Voltage Electrical Characteristics chart

Mechanical & Environmental Characteristics

Lead Style Selection chart